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What Is is a music community committed to helping Canadian bands gain new fans. Our community actively participates in developing the Canadian music industry by generously donating small sums of money in the hopes of giving bands the marketing power necessary to succeed in a very competitive market.

How Do We Help Music Lovers?

SoundSpot connects music lovers with Canadian bands through unique digital Profiles. Enjoy hours of fun uncovering new music with a simple click. Best part, the experience is free for everyone thanks to the generosity of fans. To learn more about supporting SoundSpot examine our Patreon.

How Do We Help Bands?

SoundSpot creates an all-encompassing representation of your band on the internet. This One-Stop landing page guarantees your message gets conveyed as efficiently as possible. The best part? We get to work using a small part of our dedicated pledges to run ads for your SoundSpot profile. 

Patreon? What's That All About?

SoundSpot is a music site built on fan generosity. Patreon is a way to join together, pledge a few bucks and help Canadian musicians. It's our unique way of putting the sharing economy to work for real change. Learn more HERE

"Today, discovering music is being left more and more to robots on a streaming site. I miss the personal touch of hearing about new bands from a good friend. is bringing back the humanity to music discovery. That's a good thing, humans are great."

Jason Pelletier- Music Fan


"Promoting your band online is critical in engaging a new fanbase. So much time is spent creating the music, often promotion gets overlooked. SoundSpots unique use of crowdfunding to help bands get the word out is ingenious."


Anthony Mascarin - From the band We Outspoken


"Problems SoundSpot solves. Finding Canadian bands, CHECK. Promoting Canadian bands, CHECK. Showcase Canadian bands, CHECK. Supports Canadian music, CHECK.  This is exactly the kind of idea that will change our industry for the better."  


Pat Gomes - From the band WE ARE MONROE


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