What is

SoundSpot's mission is to help Canadian bands gain new fans by drumming up online interests through digital Ads. Our community actively participates in developing the Canadian music industry by generously donating small sums of money in the hopes of giving bands the marketing power necessary to succeed in a very competitive market.

How does SoundSpot work?

Fans first submit profiles for the bands they love on SoundSpot. Next, we get to work drumming up interest for the profiles with online ads. Our community of music lovers pledges small sums of money to help expose new fans to Canadian music. Fans expose bands, bands get exposed to new fans, and together we build a site on generosity. Mission ACCOMPLISHED!

Can anyone make a profile on SoundSpot?

YUP! Anyone is welcome to submit an artist profile. The only restriction is the profile must be for a Canadian band. 

Can a company advertise on SoundSpot?

No, and yes, sort of. The generosity of fans funds SoundSpot. We enjoy our AD free environment. Yet, If a company wants to take part in the development of Canadian musicians, then we'd love to hear your thoughts. 


I'm trying to discover new music in my province, but nothing is showing up with my search criteria?

Simple answer, no one as added your favorite band to the site. Good news, You can be the fan that lets everyone else know about the group by adding them to SoundSpot. submitting a band takes 5 minutes and benefits everyone. SUBMIT A BAND

How is the TRENDING & NOTABLE section on the home page selected?

We are constantly engaging our Patreon members in "The Jam Room" chat feed. Monthly we conduct polls and let our community select artist they wish to highlight. Jump into the conversation and check our Patreon pledge reward levels. Patreon

How is the EVENTS TO CHECK OUT on the home page selected?

"EVENTS TO CHECK OUT" gets populated as new events are added. To find the closest show to you, surf our event page HERE.  

 Can I write articles for THE LATEST?

YES! If you have a Canadian music story that you wish to share submit the story (HERE). Road stories, recording frustrations, to fan experiences at shows. Anything goes as long as its focused on Canadian music, music events or lifestyle.

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