What's the difference between a simple and promotional profile? 

Simple Profiles are for anyone to create without having to gain permission from a band. The simple profile links existing online information that the band has made public.  

Promotional Profile is an all-encompassing representation of a band's presence on the internet. The best part? Our community donates small sums of money to give Promotional Profiles the marketing power necessary to attract new fans. 

What information do I need to submit a band?

All the information can be found at the band's website, Facebook, BandCamp or SoundCloud. 

PRO TIP, Open all the pages in separate tabs on your browser to bounce back and forth quickly 🙂

Why do I need to have a Bandcamp or SoundCloud link? 

Because 90% of the local bands host their music Bandcamp and SoundCloud. They integrate with SoundSpot to provide music fans with easy listening without leaving the site.

If the Band has no website? What do I use?

Don't sweat it; you can still create a profile. Surf around and find the next best available option. A large number of groups use Bandcamp, Facebook, or Soundcloud as their official page. Just Enter one of these sites as the official web page. 

I would like to submit a profile for my band, is that ok?

Yup! Try a Promotional Profile. 


It's impossible to find a Bio for my submission what should I write? 

Yikes, If you've searched everywhere and still found nothing then you have two options. One, you can write something yourself or , two, tell us the names of the band members. When submissions get reviewed, we are not looking for long bios but a taste of who the band is will suffice. The best Bios are found on a band's Facebook page in the about section.

What If can't find a contact email for the promotional profile?

It's a must. For us to run online Ads for the profile we need permission from a representative of the band. You may try a band's manager or booking agent but keep in mind these are busy people and may not reply in time. A touring band with managers, wardrobe, PR, and all that jazz, will most likely not respond to our request. But that's ok. SoundSpot wants to help only those that need it. Sorry Drake 🙁 

How long do you wait for a reply once a promotional profile gets submitted?

As it stands now we are currently testing a one-week waiting period. If we do not receive a reply the submission gets wiped from the servers. 

What's the best way to find a cover image of the band?

Facebook profiles make great pictures on SoundSpot. Often a band's Offical website will have a media section, and finally a simple search in any browser. Keep in mind the best Profile pics show the members of the group.

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