Does SoundSpot cost money?

Not a cent! SoundSpot is 100% FREE!! Our funding model drops big business so we can promote the bands the community wants.

What if I can't find the genre/sub-genre that I'm looking for when categorizing my music?

Send us an email to with the name of the music genera you would like us to add. Will be glad to add it to the site. 

What if I misspelled or mess up the submission process?

Sends us and email to with details on what changes you would like.  

Why do I need a SoundCloud or Bandcamp page?

90% of the bands use Soundcloud or BandCamp to host music files. They integrate with SoundSpot providing a way to discover new music, without ever leaving the site. 

What if I don't have artwork for my band?

Profiles must have band cover art. They say "never judge a book by its cover", unfortunately, in marketing the cover is the most important aspect. A bands image gets used throughout the site to draw new fans to the artist.   

A Fan uploaded a profile for our band and I'm not sure I want the exposure. Can I remove my band's profile?

Sure, we're sorry to see you leave. Send us an email to with the reason you wish to have the profile removed. 

Can I update a profile information?

Yup! Just email with the information you wish to change. Include any links or artwork in the email. 

What are the reasons a profile will not get accepted?

If a profile isn't accepted it's mostly likely because of these following reasons. 

  1. Sexist or hate-inspired imagery or text.
  2. Race or gender bashing
  3. Broken links
  4. Missing artwork
  5. Not a Canadian band
  6. Not a band

What's the difference between a simple and promotional profile? 

Simple Profiles are for anyone to create without having to gain permission from a band. The simple profile links existing online information that the band has made public.  

Promotional Profile is an all-encompassing representation of a band's presence on the internet. The best part? Our community donates small sums of money to give Promotional Profiles the marketing power necessary to attract new fans. 

What requirements are there for a promotional profile?

To give the profile the best chance for acceptance, it's good to follow these simple rules.

  1. Fill out all the information in the form.
  2. Have your artwork uploaded and eye catching. We'll be using it in our ads so choose a pic that best depicts the band members.
  3. Provide an email address that links someone in the band. 99% of profiles get rejected just because email address bounced.
  4. Have at least a paragraph in the Bio filled out.
  5. Make sure you have a link to the band's official SoundCloud or BandCamp Page.

How do you select what promotional profiles get online ads?

The goal is to have all promotional Profiles receive online Ads. Ultimately it will be our monthly budget that decides how many ads will run. Any promotional Profile that does not adhere to Ad guidelines from 3rd party sites will not be able to run. As well our Patreon campaign features a reward level that lets a Pledger select who we advertise. So head on over and check out our reward levels on PATREON.

Are we notified when Ads are running?

It's important to us that users can freely submit profiles without divulging personal information. We feel it encourages more people to submit bands. Because of this, it's impossible to alert people, when an ad is live.

Can I contribute to the SoundSpot Patreon and select my band for online promotions?

Yup! To learn more about our reward levels HERE.

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