Hi! We’re Slamboni. Our name actually came from the sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’ when Barney rented a moving truck and furnished it like a hotel bedroom so he could pick-up girls at the bar and take them back to “his place” within seconds. We thought that Barney’s “Slamboni” was just-douchey-enough (but also hilariously clever) and a great band name!

We’re from Toronto, Canada and we’re a rock band with ska and punk influences. We’re told that we sound like a Canadian Sublime. We write our own songs, cover a few in our own Slamboni way and you will hear a blend of modern alternative rock, classic rock, ska, dub and punk rock in our sound. Specific influences include the Foo Fighters, Sublime, B-Foundation, Pennywise, Bob Marley and the wailing leads of Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Lyrically, we draw from our own spheres and cycles of life but at the same time we delve beneath the surface to explore the profundity of it all. Our song ‘Nice Furniture’ is a good example; so is ‘Being Canuck’ and ‘Beech Av. 322’. We’re told that we write relatable songs about the stuff that most people go through and try to figure out.

Culturally, we’re a 4 piece band of giants (everyone is at least 6 foot 2) and we rock with 2 guitars, some keys, bass and drums. Straight-forward. Our live vibe is always about having a great time while playing well-crafted songs. In our song ‘Welcome to the Show’ we sing that “we’re kind-of a party band” and that’s, really, the best way to get to the point: we’re alway up for beers, good times and hanging with people. But we’re musicians-first and we’ve set-out to write great songs that we want you to enjoy and sing-along with us.

CITY: Toronto







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