Arlo Maverick

Arlo Maverick is an Edmonton-based hip-hop MC that has celebrated many successes. As 1/4 of the Edmonton hip-hop collective Politic Live, some of these accomplishments include three Western Canadian Music Award nominations, critical acclaim from accredited music sites in Canada and the US and national campus radio chart activity.

Arlo Maverick’s sound explores Jazz, Electro, and Soul yet identifies itself as hip-hop. Growing up Arlo was influenced by his uncle’s multi-genre record collection of Country Western, Funk, Gospel and R&B. His sound is a reflection of his diverse and rich musical upbringing.

Writing from his personal experiences Arlo Maverick connects with his fans one song at a time. Lyrically Arlo’s music is a poetic narration of everyday life experiences. Be it songs about the innocence of falling in love, confronting one’s inner demons, or the struggles of making ends meet, Arlo Maverick’s music is as much about moving his audience physically as it is about moving them emotionally.

Stepping away from hip-hop’s tradition of just an MC and a DJ, Arlo Maverick also performs with his live band. With influences like K-Os, The Black Keys and The Roots, Arlo’s live show is a fun, energetic and interactive experience where the audience is freed of their inhibitions and exists in the moment. In addition to bringing his show to audiences throughout western Canada through tours, Arlo has also showcased at Canadian Music Week, Breakout West and the Edmonton and Winnipeg Jazz Festivals.

Arlo Maverick is currently preparing the release of a concept album entitled, Maybe Tomorrow.

CITY: Edmonton







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