About us

Why create SoundSpot?

Too many times after seeing or listening to a local band I would say to myself “that band ROCKS! Everyone needs to know about them.” However posting on Facebook to my group of friends was just a small step. I grew tired of listening to the radio and hearing the same established bands (most of which are not even Canadian) get all the attention. Something needed to change, and thankfully the world changes.

We now live in the decade of crowdfunding, and great ideas now have an avenue to become a reality. There are many music lovers just like me all over Canada; together we can contribute to making sure our local bands get the marketing power necessary to be exposed to new fans.

At SoundSpot our community is driven by passionate music lovers. We take pride in the thought that we are contributing to help Canadian musicians get the attention they deserve. 

Chat with us!

Have a suggestion for the site? Want to let us know of an awesome opportunity? Just tell us we are on the right track. Drop us a line and will be sure to get back to you ASAP.

PRESS/Media inquiries

To say we are proud of SoundSpots mission would be an understatement. It would be an honor to share our story of helping Canadian bands with your audience. Drop us a line and we can work together to create an engaging news story for your program.


Jesse Daniel Smith
singer-songwriter, audio engineer, and filmmaker.

Michael Storey
Artist/Writer at Chase Room Studios
Anthony Mascarin
Band We Outspoken

Ricardo David Guevara Toruño
Creative Director, Graphic Designer
Colin Graham
Ubisoft Montreal Studio
Joshua Huether
Friend, inspiration, critic
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